Ikea Orgel Vreten Floor Lamp Review

The Ikea Orgel Vreten is a very popular contemporary lamp that features a hand made paper shade. Its design is pretty straight forward and when it comes to the Orgel Vreten it resembles a tower lamp which is characterized by the almost entire shade as the lamp. Made by Ikea, a global leader in the manufacture of home furniture and lighting, the Ikea Orgel Vreten is a reasonably flexible floor lamp that can provide ambient light for a wide variety of home designs.

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The Ikea Orgel Vreten floor lamp comes in only one type of color and design. The handmade paper shade is its primary highlight and it produces a soft glow that is sufficient for small to medium sized rooms. For larger rooms, two or three more of these lamps on corners or around sofa’s or near tables is recommended.

When purchasing the Orgel Vreten, bulbs are not included. According to Ikea’s official site, the Orgel Vreten utilizes E12 bulbs or CFL bulbs but higher bulbs as long as they dont exceed 40 Watt should work well with the floor lamp. Another thing of note is that it utilizes three bulbs.

ORGEL VRETEN Floor lamp IKEA Shade of handmade paper; each shade is unique. Gives a soft mood light.

The brushed metal base of the Orgel Vreten matches very well with the brown, hand made paper shade that is rectangular in shape. A foot lamp switch is located right on the cord. The Orgel Vreten stands at a height of 61 inches and should fit most modern or contemporary homes.

The lamp is easy to assembly and comes with the instructions out of the box. Though the paper shade is its main highlight, you might want to keep it away from pets and cleaing and maintaining it can be a chore so be prepared.

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The following are notable features of the Ikea Orgel Vreten Floor Lamp

  • Handmade paper shade produces soft diffused ambient light
  • Stands at a height of 61 inches
  • Brushed Steel stem and base
  • Dimmable with the power switch located on the power cord
  • Utilizes CFL, LED, Incandescent bulbs with 40 Watt Max limit


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Reviews and Testimonials

The following are reviews and testimonials from individuals who own the lamp. The Ikea Orgel Vreten garnered a respectable 4.4 out of 5 rating from Amazon.com.

This is a great lamp and would look good in any room. I needed a light in a corner of our TV room and this gives off the soft glow I needed. It took a couple of weeks to get here but worth the wait. Very easy to put together, just don’t forget to buy the light bulbs too (none come with it). I would buy this lamp again for myself or a gift. Read more…

I like this lamp a lot. I live in a 1 bed room apartment and had a dark corner in my living room. Other floor lamps were $150+. This was a great deal and it looks very nice.

WARNING: YOU MUST BUY IKEA LIGHT BULBS. I tried to buy the lights that another user suggested and they did not fit in the socket. The sockets are small like christmas lights. The ikea lights are over priced but save yourself the headace of buying the wrong ones (like I did) and then having to shell out for the ikea ones on top of it.

Dispite the expensive light bulbs this product is great. Read More…

This lamp is BEAUTIFUL, hands down the best lamp that I’ve ever owned, and if I had the room for it, I’d have bought two. The light is diffused wonderfully and it gives a soft glow that’s easy to read by.

Okay, important info: The lamp will take only B12 or Candelabra Base bulbs. You don’t have to buy the Ikea bulbs, but the Ikea bulbs are Compact Florescent Lights and last for a very long time. It’ll take any Candelabra Base/B12 bulbs, and I recommend CFLs for their lifespan.

The lamp DOES NOT come with bulbs included, so buy the bulbs with the lamp. It takes 3 bulbs, and it takes 40w bulbs MAXIMUM. That’s 7w in CFLs and 40w in incandescent bulbs. I tried 60w-equivalent CFLs and it tripped the breaker when I tried turning it on. Bad idea, but it taught me a valuable lesson about actually paying attention to the maximums. Read More.

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Pros & Cons



Contemporary design fits a wide range of home design

Cheap lamp yet aesthetically pleasing

Soft Diffused lamp from bulbs

Easy to assembly

Dimmable and conveniently placed power switch

Matching table lamp ( not included )




Does not come with light bulbs

Paper shade can be a chore to clean and maintain

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Final Thoughts

The Ikea Orgel Vreten floor lamp is a solid option if you are looking to add soft ambient lighting into your rooms. It can be easily integrated in your contemporary or modern home and the handmade paper shade provides an aesthetically pleasing appeal.

We could only wish the the bulbs came in with the purchase, nonetheless, the Ikea Orgel Vreten is a very affordable floor lamp to begin with and would cost you a total of less than $50 completely. If you are looking for an affordable cheap floor lamp take a closer look at the Ikea Orgel Vreten.

Take a look at the Ikea Orgel Vreten Table Lamp while your at it!




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