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Wall Rupture Lamp for Flos

Innovation is everywhere. New technologies pop out left and right from time to time with some that have us marveling over while others, we’ve never notice came out. As for the world of lighting, innovations in lighting technology paved the way for many new lighting fixtures that will surely make us go grabbing for out wallets. Such was the case when news came out about the Corner lamp, or peeling wall lamp. Though it is old news, one other phenomenal, artistic brew that came out from the lighting industry is the wall rupture lamp for Flos designed by Thierry Dreyfus. 

Powered by LED lighting, this lamp is certainly one of a kind and will certainly challenge one’s perspective a bout space.

Thing of one of the walls in your home preferably something clear from home decor. Now imagine that there is a fissure in between that glows orangey red like that of a volcano or lava streams? Got it? Take a look at the lamp down below.

And here it is on a modern themed room.

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We can only wish that the lamp is available for us to easily purchase in websites like Certainly though, this is a very interesting lamp and will surely add a new perspective for all those modern home owners.

Flos is a world leader when it  comes to modern and contemporary home lighting solutions. Kind of like the Audi in Home lighting. You can check their products here. 

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